LiveLink light management

When intelligence comes to light

LiveLink - When intelligence comes to light

Intelligent lighting systems that are controlled via sensors, minimise their energy consumption, independently report maintenance needs and individually interact with users – the lighting market has changed enormously because of the LED transformation, increasing digitalisation and social mega-trends such as connectivity and big data.

This opens up diverse possibilities with the control and monitoring of lighting solutions. With light management that offers new functions via intelligence and that makes planning and installation highly simple. We have combined our expertise and specific experience with that of the sensor technology specialist STEINEL to develop this intelligent system: LiveLink.

LiveLink Wireless

freedom through wireless networking.

Effortless networking of single light points to create an intelligent lighting network. Innovative network applications such as sensor-controlled light according to requirements.

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The entire lighting system at a glance

Energy efficiency

Reducing costs

Those allowing intelligent light management systems to work hand-in-hand with modern LED luminaires achieve significant efficiency improvements. Sensors detect the presence of people and the level of daylight in the various zones of a room. The system then regulates the required light: it switches the lighting on with occupancy, and reduces artificial lighting to the desired level upon the ingress of daylight. Light is therefore precisely adapted to the requirements.


Intuitively operated

In practice there are many functions automatically implemented by LiveLink: these include controlling the lighting level with daylight-dependent regulation and presence detection. If further light scenes according to needs are desired the luminaires can be controlled via smartphone or classically via a push-button. It could hardly be simpler.


Light can increase well-being

The non-visual impact of light has an essential influence on human well-being. The spectrum and light colour of daylight change according to time of the day and season of the year. This change in turn influences the psyche and physique of people. With the Human Centric Lighting curves we can utilise this non-visual effect of light to contribute to more quality of light and life.

Safety and orientation

The right light at the right time

Areas with low circulation both indoors and outdoors must also be optimally illuminated according to needs. Good visual conditions reduce the risk of accidents and create a feeling of personal safety. LiveLink complies with this need by providing light where, when and to the quantity needed. A settable general light function also prevents reduction into complete darkness. In this way all users can safely access and progress through the building. And completely without uneasy feelings.

Planning and installation

Simple planning

The LiveLink Install app on tablet simplifies the lighting design process by using preset room configurations (use cases).

Rapid installation

Only a mains connection and a DALI connection are required to install the system – luminaires, sensors and push-buttons are connected via DALI to the control unit.

Easy commissioning

Commissioning is carried out simply and time-savingly with a graphic user interface on an iOS or Android tablet PC.



Our contribution to climate protection

Investments in sustainable LED technology pay in all respects. Protection of the climate is supported by significant reductions in greenhouse gases. The cost-efficiency of your lighting systems is also significantly improved. When it comes to light, the striving for sustainability at TRILUX only knows winners. Our lighting solutions help to comply with the demands of climate protection.


The lighting in view

With LiveLink, various digital services can be implemented that enable customers to exploit the full potential of an LED lighting solution. Light Monitoring enables the monitoring and control of the lighting and the emergency lighting system: this reduces costs, time and effort for the operator.

Why light management with TRILUX?

Winning reasons for LiveLink

Future safety

LiveLink increases energy efficiency and forms the basis for also benefiting from the further advantages of networked solutions.

Intelligent sensor technology

Cooperating with the sensor experts STEINEL ensures best sensor technology.

Over 100 years of experience

TRILUX represents maximum quality with luminaires, drivers and control gear.

Customised light

Intelligent, pre-installed use cases and simple, individual modification options enable optimum lighting conditions precisely according to needs.


The cloud connectivity of the controlled luminaires offers many added values for customers who want to digitise their building.


Emergency light systems can be tested automatically via the LiveLink Cloud.

Targets ideally implemented

"We hit the nail on the head in terms of low maintenance costs and energy overheads.
With LiveLink and the LED luminaires from TRILUX we were able to ideally achieve our targets for an efficient new building construction."

Jan-Eric Hunecke, campus coordinator
Arnsberg municipal authorities

Simple handling of LiveLink

"The example of the DIY centre demonstrated how LiveLink's
simple handling, the easy programming of light scenes and the positive feedback of the client were able to convince."

Rainer Geerts, energy consultant

Enthusiastic from the start

"We were able to control various light scenes using a tablet and match visual comfort to the specific work.
Our production employees were enthusiastic from the word go. The light hardly has any limits."

Stefan Lüth, Head of Maintenance
Niederegger Marzipan

Quick, hassle-free, simple

"Although we had hardly any practical experience with this system because it was our first project with LiveLink, installation proved to be a cinch. LiveLink is easy to install and commission – I can heartily recommend the system."

Timo Jahnke, Project Head

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